Who is Matt Burkhartt? 

I'm Matt Burkhartt and I grew up in the suburbs of Image City, Rochester, NY. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in photographic illustration. 

The moment I decided I wanted to be a photgrapher was at a wedding reception during my time as an event videographer. I was exhilerated by the power of the camera to both capture emotion and imbue me with those same emotions in front of me. As a human being and as a photojournalist, I yearn to feel and I love to love; I yearn to feel close to people and the camera gives me that privilege. 

I am drawn to moments and stories that are full of life and the qualities that define the human condition and I strive to make and seek work that reflects that. 

I am currently based in Asheville, North Carolina. When not working you can find me enjoying life with my partner, hiking, and listening to folk music. 

Contact me at: m.burkhartt@gmail.com


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