Hey ya'll

I'm Matt Burkhartt and I grew up in the suburbs of Image City, Rochester, NY. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in photographic illustration. 

The moment I decided I wanted to be a photgrapher was at a wedding reception during my time as an event videographer. I was exhilerated by the power of the camera to both capture emotion and imbue me with those same emotions in front of me. As a human being and as a photojournalist, I yearn to feel and I love to love; I yearn to feel close to people and the camera gives me that privilege. 

I am drawn to moments and stories that are full of life and the qualities that define the human condition and I strive to make and seek work that reflects that. 

I am currently a staff photographer at the Greenville News in Greenville, South Carolina. When not working you can find me enjoying life with my partner, hiking, and listening to folk music. 

Contact me at: m.burkhartt@gmail.com


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